21 August 2012

restyle: launched

Skirt from Red Cross ($30.00) / Belt from Good Samaritan ($2.00)
i.d.s. top / Forever New tights / ASOS socks / Lucy Lockett heels

And here is how I looked at this morning's marvelous event!

This skirt is easily one of my favourite things I've ever found in an op shop. A little more than you might expect to pay (the steep price of $30 HAHAHA) but this is some damn sweet quality vintage. Just can't say no to that shit. Flattering, diverse, warm and it HAS POCKETS. Big, no-nonsense pockets. I'm in blissful skirt-love.

And thanks so much to Aly for taking these photos! I was definitely not looking forward to battling the rain to get my usual gate snaps.

Lisa xx

1 comment:

  1. How awesome are cool skirts and dresses with pockets! I probably more excited than is normal when I find them.