01 August 2010

Perth happeningz

I'm going through a horribly awkward phase at the moment where I like adding 'z's to the end of wordz. But it's totally cool and ironic, right? Not lame at all? Totally. Anyway! There are a few cool vintagey/ fashiony/ generally awesome things happening in Perth soon so I thought I'd get them all into one nice list in one convenient location. (For those not Perth-based, um. BE JEALOUS.)

Home is Where My Heart Is, a "photography exhibition capturing the reality of youth homelessness", partnering "young emerging photographers with young homeless people, who are asked to take a photo that captures their interpretation of home".

This exhibition has been going for a few years now and although I haven't been before, it sounds quite fascinating and poignant. 834 Hay St (across the road from His Majesty's theatre), runs from 5 - 15 August, open 11 am - 5 pm every day, free entry.

Pigeonhole Vintage Shop Launch with 1950s afternoon tea. Pigeonhole is one step closer to total Perth domination with the addition of their latest shop, this one focused specifically on vintage. Um, HOORAY!

I'm DEVASTATED because I've been asked to work that afternoon so there's a very high chance I won't be able to make it. DEVASTATED. But anyway, it's on this coming saturday 7 August from 1 - 5 pm in Bon Marche arcade at 80 Barrack St.

BIG friendly garage sale! Some friends of mine, who are legitimately some of the coolest people I know, are putting on a sale in their (rather large) backyard to sell some of their (extremely large) collection of vintage clothes and what not. There are going to be some real gems there, and I'm not just saying that, promise.

It's this sunday 8 August at 5 Bruce St, Leederville from 10 am - 5:30 pm. And I'll be there! Yeah!

To The Core exhibition. This blog could easily turn into a Lisa's Friends Are Amazing Come See Their Stuff blog. Yup. A very good friend of mine, who is incidentally one of the most talented people I know (no exaggeration), is about to open her very first solo exhibition. She also happens to be kind, humble and totally down to earth, it's a little ridiculous really. I don't think anyone deserves this more than her. (I'll stop with the gushing now, I promise!)

The exhibition runs from 13 - 27 august at Linton and Kay art gallery, 123 Hay St, Subiaco. Open 10 am - 5 pm daily.

The White Elephant Secondhand Clothing Sale, a delightful-sounding vintage sale at Subiaco community centre, 203 Bagot Rd, on the 15 August from 1 - 5 pm.

There you go! Hopefully a few things there to keep you entertained throughout August. Yay! For any more details, just shoot me a comment or email.

Lisa xx


  1. TESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yay, thanks for mentioning The White Elephant miss :)

  3. Aha! Pigeonhole is my alsolute favourite store in Perth! There's actually A LOT of gorgeous stores around Perth that a lot of people don't know about! Hurrah! x

  4. Hello,

    I'm a student at Globe University in Minneapolis, Minnesota - working on a class service project regarding youth homelessness. I did a google image search to find a picture I felt best depicted youth homelessness for our project - I found the one above in your post about "Home is where the Heart is." Would you mind if I used it?

    Also, I see you're in Australia. I don't know if you follow Aussie Rules Footy or not - but I'm a big fan of several teams - namely, Magpies, Bulldogs and Cats. Love the game!

    Thank you for your time,
    Susan Roberts