07 August 2010

All these things

Oh hey there, internet! No, I didn't forget about you, I swear! Was just sorta kinda a lot distracted by being back at uni this week. Yikes. There was a bit of a Kerfuffle (that's it's official name) early in the week and I ended up changing courses. Not a BIG change (corporate to independent production - so I'm still majoring in film and tv) but it was a difficult process and anyway, I'm so much happier now. Bit frustrated that it took me so long to realise I wasn't happy but I am now and that's all that matters!

But enough serious business! Back to your regular programmed frivolity and superficiality! Presented to you tonight in the form of this pretty vintage bag, from the darling Bonjour Vintage.

Oh and for any Perth people out there looking for something to do tomorrow - feel free to stop by my friends' totally awesome* garage sale . I'll be there, armed with my camera. And cupcakes. A deadly combination.

*Ever since I watched A Very Potter Musical (greatest thing ever btdubs) I can't stop saying 'totally awesome'. I think I may have a problem. (A TOTALLY AWESOME problem! Oh god I'm lame.)

Lisa xx

P.S. If you like all things cute (and if you don't - what are you doing on this blog, really?) watch this:


  1. ohhh i'm so glad you sorted your uni things outtt!!

  2. That is a gorgeous vintage bag indeed!

  3. That bag is stunning! Well done on changing courses, it sounds like it was a lot of bother :D