30 August 2010

All summer

A couple of new tops that have recently entered my life! The first one from the always stunning Twitch Vintage and the second from a friend of mine at the garage sale that was a few weeks ago. Can you tell I have a thing for big puffy everything? Also the first top required me learning how to tie a bow tie (not a good bow tie... but a bow tie nonetheless) and I am really really really excited about this new semi-skill. Expect to be seeing a lot of bow ties from now on.

Also LOOK HOW SUNNY IT LOOKS. Winter's almost over and it's getting to that stage where there's a couple of hours each day where it's actually kind of almost warm. You'd better believe I'm taking advantage of it.

(Yes I like to climb walls all crazy-like. And yes I look like I'm kissing the wall in that last photo... I'm not. I just like to pretend I'm bendy.)

Vintage tops
Shorts and tights by Sportsgirl
Shoes by Rubi

Lisa xx


  1. Wow great photos, I love your fun poses! Those shirts are way cute! XOXO, Natalya

  2. hahaha the 4th photo is funny! cute cute blouse! the red bow tie tops it off!

    come drop by for a visit or follow too! i will be throwing a neat giveaway soon, so don't miss out!


    x Your Only Blackswan

  3. LOVE them!
    except that it's raining all today...hahahaha