15 August 2010


(Two posts in a row! Wow!) Another WAY AWESOME couple of events that took place last week - Laura Marling and Florence and the Machine! What a really, really great couple of days. Laura Marling was just all lovely and quaint and folk-y and full of awkward-but-charming banter (the perfect way to spend a sunday night) and Florence was... well, Florence. Pretty much perfect in every way. Personally I preferred the more intimate setting that was Laneway back in february, but really... the woman can do no wrong. (And it was, incidentally, the perfect way to spend a tuesday night.)

If you ever get the opportunity to catch either of their shows, I highly recommend it. I hope everyone else's lives have been treating them well :)

Lisa xx


  1. Whilst I KNEWWW Florence would be fabulous...I didn't end up buying tickets because, I'm such a fan of the intimate concert hahah

  2. Heart both these girls. I much preferred Florence's Laneway show to her Splendour in the Grass show, but I'm glad she's getting recognition for her amazing talent. I'd definitely go see both of them over and over and over again haha.

  3. amazing! wish I went to see Florence :( I saw your tweets and immediately I was jealous! eek, glad you had an amazing time m'dear x