15 August 2010

The architect

(Note: I wrote this on tuesday last week with the intention of posting it then but I had some problems with the photos and ohhhh just got caught up with life and uni and other nonsense. BIG apologies for being pretty absent from the blogging world over the past couple weeks. Some sort of consistency should resume soon and I can't wait to catch up on all of your blogs!)

I wore this to (FINALLY) see Inception yesterday. And... drumroll please for my super surprising and not at all expected reaction... I loved it! Fantastic. Totally mentally exhausting in the best possible way. I love leaving a movie and feeling just completely satisfied.

I bought this skirt at my friends' garage sale on sunday. It's kind of weird buying and then wearing around your friend's clothes. But who could resist a skirt like this? So bright and red and full of polyester goodness. I feel like I'm channelling my inner 60s flight attendant. With a hint of Claire from the Breakfast Club.

And, um... that may or may not be a tissue poking out of my boot. I have a cold, and it's being quite cruel to me.

Top by Supré
Vintage skirt and scarf
Tights by Forever New
Socks by Sportsgirl
Shoes by Rubi

Lisa xx

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