29 July 2010

I think you're pretty

I like to jump. I think that has already been established, but here is some further proof just in case there's still doubt out there in the internet somewhere.

Top, skirt and ring all bought in Melbourne. And all making me very very happy.

Top by American Apparel
Skirt and tights by Sportsgirl
Cardigan by Cotton On
Ring and socks by Olga de Polga
Shoes by Ollie Ollie

Lisa xx

P.S. Cute song.


  1. Cuuute pictures! I love this outfit!

  2. Ahhh omg you are so cute and your hair is perfect haha the first photo looks like you have a beard!!!

    this outfit is so win ohmygod

  3. i love this outfit so much with that shirt, that cardigan, and your crazy awesome hair. :)

  4. love the ring! such a cute outfit :D