21 July 2010

Rambling man

I no joke thought to myself, 'after nineteen and a half years of living I finally have packing down' and then ten minutes later realised, 'oh. Right. Shoes.' I'll get there eventually! Possibly.

But anyway, ta ta bloggy blog! I'm off to Melbourne bright and early tomorrow morning and while I'll still be tweeting, probably tumbling and no doubt facebooking (feel free to add me on there) I shan't be updating this lil' blog. So! I'll see you darlings next week. Have a glorious weekend!

Lisa xx


  1. love those heels, they're so gorgeous! haha there's always something everyone forgets to pack :) I hope you have fun in Melbourne\



  2. have fun in melbourne!!! those shoes are killer, can't believe you almost forgot to pack those! haha :)

  3. I am awesome at packing down. I never take more than a small carryon, no matter how long I will be gone. It's kind of my specialty. However, this always ends up with me forgetting things like socks, deodorant, toothbrush, shoes, and one time underwear. Oh well. :)

  4. Great purchases!! Frankie & RUSSH are just pure love! Eeeeeek you'll love Melbourne! I'm enjoying all of my time here! The city is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! Although am a little home sick! :( Missing Perth muchly! Let me know if you need any places you want to visit I'll fill you in on all the hotspots ;)