05 July 2010

LuShae jewellery

And now for something slightly different... the lovely Sarah of LuShae Jewellery recently contacting me about reviewing a product and who am I to say no? This is not something I'm used to and made me feel quite special, so points scored before I even visited the shop :)

Tough choice but I went with these vintagey-type earrings, which is something I've been on the lookout for recently. Hello perfect timing!


Quality: good. Very good. Maximum shininess and sparklarity. (Too technical? Sorry.) Ten out of ten for prettiness. And they're pretty damn photogenic, am I right?

Packaging/ shipping: they were shipped almost immediately and didn't take too long to arrive. The packaging though was very basic, at the very least a business card or something similar included would have been great. And maybe some ribbon or pretty paper - presentation goes a long way.

Website: easy to navigate. Plus there are guides to the history of jewellery, gemstones, metals and how to store and clean jewellery. Which, I'm going to be honest, would all be new information to me.

Overall... I've fallen a little in love with these earrings. If you're after something a bit fancy and don't want to spend a bucketload, give LuShae a look. Yay!

Lisa xx

P.S. The earrings were complimentary but these are my honest to blog opinions.

P.P.S. Apologies for the limited updates recently; my camera had a slight mental breakdown. But all is good now and I'm back in full force! Yeah!

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  1. Those earrings look lovely. Maximum shininess and sparklarity is always a winning combination ;)