20 July 2010

Hope is in the air

Do I even need to tell you how happy it makes me to come home and find a package waiting? Do I, really? No, of course not. But I will anyway. IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY. I can't help it. Pretty dress = Lisa's Number One Weakness.

This just might be the prettiest of them all. It's from Rock Paper Vintage and I think it's my favourite ebay purchase yet. Beautiful colour, perfect fit, pearly buttons, ruffles, puffy sleeves - it's got it all. Big time in like with this dress.

Vintage dress
Cardigan by Cotton On
Shoes by Ollie Ollie

Lisa xx


  1. AHAHA!! Love the second photo!
    but the dress, ohhhhh myyyyyyyy, absolute perfection :o

  2. Love the dress, such a great colour! :D



  3. YES! i know exactly what you mean about getting packages in the mail. i always squeal when i get one, run around the house, and then rip it open! this dress is definitely a keeper. you always find the best dresses! :)

  4. Ohh loove the color of the dress and the shoes. So simple. So nice!

    I'm in love with the black and brown combo at the moment!


  5. WOW! That purple looks amazing on you! so great against your skin! you should definitely wear it more often!

    I think every girl who has internet shopped before knows the absolute joy of arriving home to a package, or seeing the postman walk up your drive! sooo exciting!

    Have fun on your holiday too!


    Fashion from Feline Eyes

  6. Tiffany of RPV is my vintage best friend. So glad that you shop her store too. You look great.