20 June 2010

White winter hymnal

Today was a good day! I spent the morning working and the afternoon shopping with my parents. So basically, as my brother so kindly pointed out, I spent the first half of the day making money and the second half spending it. Heh. Did I say I was trying to save money? Really? Oops. Ah well, clothing counts as an investment, right? They were totally all investment pieces.

I was going to dance around like a crazy person in my room taking photos of my fancy new things but then my camera battery died, so I just have this lot for now. But tomorrow! My camera will be alive and well! And I shall endeavour to take better photos. And maybe I'll ride my bike or walk to the park or something. Mmmm, yes, that sounds lovely.

The beanie I bought is AMAZING. It's so tacky and hobo-like and has a freaking pom-pom and I can't wait to wear it 24/7.

Lisa xx

P.S. HOW did I forget to mention that I finished my photography folio on time and handed it in and now I've finished uni for this semester and am freeeeeee!!! Til august, that is. But yeahhh freedom!!!


  1. I LOVE THAT BEANIE ON YOU. it's adorable. i'm jealous since i look horrible with them on. and yay for finishing your portfolio on time!!

    i'm just like you in terms of making money and then spending money. it's horrible and i always try to justify myself haha

  2. Congratulations - on finishing your folio and on keeping the economy ticking. The country owes you a favour - don't feel guilty!