29 July 2013

psychedelic trip in the woods

Wild, wild, wild weather! If you were in Perth over the weekend, chances are you could see nothing out your window but a wall of water pouring from the sky. As much as I love this weather (mostly because I was able to spend most of my weekend indoors, drinking as much tea and listening to as many records as I pleased) I can't help but feel it's the perfect chance to warm things up a bit by sharing this incredible shoot I was lucky to be a part of back when I was in London.

I mentioned The Meyer Dancers a couple posts ago and I'll say it again - they are an absolute treat of a group of ladies, divine inside and out, and spectacular performers. They very kindly invited me to join them for a shoot one sunday and it was some real damn fun. Flitting about barefoot in beautiful dresses with flowers in our hair, in some proper woods (no flies or snakes or anything!) blessed with some often-shy English sunshine. Tripped out psychedelic gypsy vibes abound.

Big big thank you to photographer Ruari Meehan who is marvelously talented (obviously) and so easy to work with (particularly considering I am really not a model in the slightest!) You can, and should, check out more of his stuff here.

Look below and that's Treacle on the left, myself, Eleanor and Maegan. How lucky am I, spending a day surrounded by these stunners!

Lisa xx


  1. lovely photos! sounds like you had a ton of fun :)

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  3. I love these pictures, it's so beautiful !
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  4. wow!!! visual masterpieces with these images!!! stunning!

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  5. Incredible! So awesome and everyone looks stunning.


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