25 July 2013

commes des...

A quick note to share a current obsession! I had to nab one of these buggers off ebay when I started seeing them around the joint - I can't resist a good pun. Really - puns, swears and beanies - a righteous combination, yeah?

And yikes, I forget sometimes how vivid my hair can look? Spend a little more time outside, hermit lady. Laptops are portable, after all.

So I've been working a bunch lately but I've got a few days to breathe and I'm going to spend them organising my life. You should always remember to set some time aside here and there for getting shit together, friends. Look at me dishing out advice like I'm hiding some wisdom under these locks! Anyway, I'm cleaning, planning and organising like a mad woman. I even bought cookbooks - this must be what growing up feels like? Terrifying. Stay tuned.

Lisa xx


  1. I have always loved beanies.


  2. Love that beanie! Its fun but stylish aswell!