09 November 2012

seeing ginger

Got my hair did! By the ever fabulous and magical hair wizard Bee of Peggy Sue's. I am not-so-quietly very excited to be a true ranga princess once again.

Top and sandals by ASOS
Trousers by Something Else by Natalie Wood
Vintage belt
Sunnies by Atlas Divine

Lisa xx


  1. Your hair looks amazing! I would be excited about it too. And I love the crop top with high waisted pants look - very cool!

  2. Oh my goodness, you hair looks AMAZING!! Love it :D

    Shell xx

  3. Hahah I love your expressions!! You are such a 90s chick.

    And that hair- phwoar, amazing.

    Steph xx

  4. Love you hair!
    And your rockin' that outfit!
    x Kirst