26 November 2012

black out

Happy first day of Black Out! The lovely Mon of Mon Amie has challenged a whole heap of bloggers to go a full week without wearing black. Not a drop. She asks...

"Have you ever wondered what your city would look like if just for one day, not one person was allowed to wear black - not even one iota? Would people behave differently? Would people be less hurried and more carefree?"

Now that is an idea too fun to resist.

I was pretty bummed to wake up today with a nasty cold so no photos just yet, but no worries - I'll be sharing this wonderfully colourful week with you properly as soon as I can stick a camera in my own face without dripping all over it (hot!)

For more info and the full list of bloggers taking party check out Mon's post here! More to come very soon!

Lisa xx

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